The Board Of Directors

President of the Board

Jeff Leary, Ph.D– Virology, was a research leader for GlaxoSmithKline and parent companies for over 25 years. He led a herpes simplex virus drug resistance research team; served as program leader for the SIRNA-Merck-GSK Therapeutics alliance and the Santaris-GSK Papillomavirus project ; and completed an NIH competitive fellowship at Yale University in 1983 in molecular biophysics, biochemistry and human genetics. Dr Leary teaches at Duke University and serves on the board of the North Carolina Wildlife Federation, Capitol Chapter in Raleigh and is the co-coordinator for Casting for Recovery and Project Healing Waters.


Elizabeth “Liz” Gablehouse,(retired) was the International Development Representative at Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, where she worked for 20 years. She completed her undergraduate studies abroad at the University of Bonn in Germany and Albert Schweitzer College near Lausanne, Switzerland. She began her marketing career working in various European countries and North Africa for 11 years. In the United States, she worked in the movie and recording industry in Los Angeles, and later in marketing in the securities industry. She is fluent in Spanish, French and German, and conducts business in those languages as necessary.


Jim Dincalci, RSD, DD, MA (Psych), a psychotherapist trained at John F. Kennedy University, is the founder and Executive Director of the Forgiveness Foundation. He has spent over 40 years using emotional, spiritual, psychological, and physical methods to help people feel better and heal their lives, and started teaching mindfulness, which is the use of specific awareness methods to deal with thoughts and feelings, meditation and other effective stress management and relief methods in universities and conferences 32 years ago. For the past 20 years, he has also been teaching and counseling Mindfulness in forgiveness therapy and How to Forgive.

His four-time award-winning book, How to Forgive When You Can’t, which is full of mindfulness and stress relieve methods, is published in 9 languages. He’s trained in traumatology as Red Cross Disaster Mental Health provider and Critical Incident Stress Management for first responder; has facilitated over 100 group sessions in Domestic violence & anger control; worked as a clinical therapist with the Hawaii Department of Education; is university trained in Neuro- and Biofeedback; and facilitates drug and alcohol rehab groups.

He has presented at conferences in Law Enforcement, in Alternative health, and in Psychology on Stress managements and how to deal with resentment, grudges and guilt. In the summer of 2016, he presented Forgiveness Therapy at two International psychology conferences- one in Yokohama, Japan and the other in Zagreb, Croatia at a conference on Stress and Anxiety. He also did talks in Turin, Italy and Prague, Czech Republic.

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