Forgiveness and Spirituality

In my extensive travels in the past 3 months, I’ve been looking at the importance of forgiveness on the spiritual path.  I don’t see how a person can move very far spiritually if there is any resentment cluttering the mind. As I’ve said in the book –the mind can’t go in opposing direction and get very far, especially when you are talking about a connection to Divine Love. How would it be possible to resent and feel love? The Choice is clear. The way is shown. It’s just a matter of taking the time to let the upsets go and/or correct the situation as well as you can. The Love will follow. That’s my experience anyway.  Love, Jim


Awakening Vibrations Talk Show

On Wednesday October 27th, I was interviewed for an hour by Sally Page on the “World Awakening Vibrations Talk Show. This regular internet interview program offers a synergistic blend of ancient wisdom and leading edge technologies to support your journey.  Our appreciation and thanks to Sally. She has done a series on forgiveness as she feels it is extremely important to our spiritual growth.

This was a wonderful interview because it brought out all of the points that I feel are important on how to get past the social taboos and resistances to forgiving, and to set the stage and do initial forgiveness work. The interview will be available to listen to at at the podcasts.