Forgiveness and Spirituality

In my extensive travels in the past 3 months, I’ve been looking at the importance of forgiveness on the spiritual path.  I don’t see how a person can move very far spiritually if there is any resentment cluttering the mind. As I’ve said in the book –the mind can’t go in opposing direction and get very far, especially when you are talking about a connection to Divine Love. How would it be possible to resent and feel love? The Choice is clear. The way is shown. It’s just a matter of taking the time to let the upsets go and/or correct the situation as well as you can. The Love will follow. That’s my experience anyway.  Love, Jim


Awakening Vibrations Talk Show

On Wednesday October 27th, I was interviewed for an hour by Sally Page on the “World Awakening Vibrations Talk Show. This regular internet interview program offers a synergistic blend of ancient wisdom and leading edge technologies to support your journey.  Our appreciation and thanks to Sally. She has done a series on forgiveness as she feels it is extremely important to our spiritual growth.

This was a wonderful interview because it brought out all of the points that I feel are important on how to get past the social taboos and resistances to forgiving, and to set the stage and do initial forgiveness work. The interview will be available to listen to at at the podcasts.


Wholistic Women’s Empowerment

I was the keynote speaker at the Wholistic Women’s Empowerment Experience in Durham, NC, last week on Saturday, the 23rd of October. It was centered on the Spiritual Journey. My appreciation goes out to the organizer, Deborah Webb, for putting such an emphasis on Forgiveness. What a great group of women. They were very open and responsive to my talk and presentation. We had a good time. Thank you Deborah and all the women who attended.


Why is The Forgiveness Foundation focusing on veterans and PTSD?

With more veterans returning home, we are hearing more about the invisible wound of the veteran, especially PTSD. In the previous article, Veterans, PTSD, and Unforgivable Experiences, I mentioned about moral injury as a very possible precursor to PTSD. Thus Forgiveness Therapy can help but is being neglected by pastors, priests and therapists. I had PTSD for 13 years. Forgiving helped me a great deal. So, I feel that we have a responsibility to get Forgiveness Therapy used for these reasons:
“The Justice Department estimates that nearly a quarter-million veterans of wars dating back to Vietnam are serving time behind bars. The New York Times found 121 cases in which Iraq and Afghan veterans committed murder after their return from war. Only a few had been screened for mental health problems, and unlike many civilian criminals, the overwhelming majority had no prior criminal record.”
“The rate of suicide among vets of the current wars has also been on the rise. A federal study in 2005 found that veterans were twice as likely to commit suicide as those who hadn’t served in the military, and PTSD is considered a significant reason why almost 25 percent of America’s homeless are veterans of all wars, even though they make up only eight percent of the population.”
“Twenty percent of active duty troops and as much as 40 percent of Guards and National Guardsmen and reservists are coming back with PTSD. These are astronomical numbers, and we could go through substance abuse and divorce and child abuse and homicide and imprisoned populations, so they are really hurting.”
From PBS video “Moral Wounds of War”  May 28th, 2010