Forgiveness and Spirituality

In my extensive travels in the past 3 months, I’ve been looking at the importance of forgiveness on the spiritual path.  I don’t see how a person can move very far spiritually if there is any resentment cluttering the mind. As I’ve said in the book –the mind can’t go in opposing direction and get very far, especially when you are talking about a connection to Divine Love. How would it be possible to resent and feel love? The Choice is clear. The way is shown. It’s just a matter of taking the time to let the upsets go and/or correct the situation as well as you can. The Love will follow. That’s my experience anyway.  Love, Jim

2 thoughts on “Forgiveness and Spirituality

  1. Yes, I get the gratitude part. Almost alwyas, there is a way to tap into that. But then, you can still make the choice NOT the be around the person you forgave, right? You can forgive AND choose to live your life away from them

    • Yes, I always teach “forgive and set limits.” In the research there is a separation between forgiveness and reconciliation. Forgiveness is for you, reconciliation is building trust which is a big subject. If you don’t want to reconcile or don’t see the possibility at present that is your choice. The point is what you are feeling in your heart. Good will = forgiveness. That doesn’t mean they are safe or good to live with. -Dr. Jim

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