Four Forgiveness Foundation activities in July in the Durham-Chapel Hill area.

This coming Sunday the 10th, Dr. Jim will be giving the talk at the All Souls Church, Unitarian Universalist, A racially diverse spiritual community located in Durham, NC This is a church located in north Durham close to Northgate mall off of Guess Rd.
The talk is on Social action and Forgiveness- addressing the questions of:
How do social action and forgiveness fit together? What are the social taboos that make forgiving in many instances forbidden? Why is forgiving so difficult? And how do you to make it easier?
Bring friends.
Meeting At 11 am at the Walltown Children’s Theatre, 1225 Berkeley St. Durham, NC 27705

On July the Saturday July 23rd Dr. Jim will be doing a free talk on Why forgiving is so difficult. 10am-12noon at the Chapel Hill Library, 100 Library Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Join us to learn about:
• the many blocks and barriers to forgiving that are in our culture and our mind.
• the types of forgiving and their effectiveness
• good methods to help in forgiving.

On July 29 a free talk on How to Forgive Betrayal.
On July 30 a 6 hours forgiveness workshop entitled Living with Joy -Cleaning Your Heart & Mind.
Please see the attached flyer.

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