Our Vision

The Forgiveness Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the public benefit and to support all aspects of forgiveness in families, organizations, communities, businesses, and agencies. We apply and teach methods from all professional fields including psychology, science, medicine, religion, business and sociology. We are eligible to receive tax-deductible donations, endowments and grants to further advance forgiveness work worldwide.

We conduct research projects, sponsor training workshops & seminars, and disseminate information on forgiveness.

Note: We are not a part of any religious organization nor do our members hold to any one religion or creed. We support all peoples’ rights to practice the religion of their choice.

How It Started

Back in 2000, I was sitting thinking about the six-week trip across the country that I had just taken with my daughter. I was wondering about my life when suddenly, but peacefully, my mind opened to a vision of the earth. I saw it as if from God’s view, seeing the whole planet AND individuals all over it. As I watched, people started helping each other forgive. Slowly love and peace filled our world. All over our planet, I saw one person help another forgive, one after another letting go of their resentments in coffee shops, offices, churches, homes, etc. Throughout this time, I kept hearing “the forgiveness foundation” and seeing forgiveness centers that seemed to be a support in each area to help spread this healing activity. Eventually the harmony and love completely filled the earth. While I was viewing this brighter, softer world, I heard, “Do you want to take this on?” I decided, as we all have in the Foundation, to make that vision come true. – Jim Dincalci, Founder

Our Vision

Connecting groups and individuals who recognize the urgent need to build a kinder and more peaceful society by providing teaching tools that bring about forgiveness and reconciliation.

Our Purpose

To provide forgiveness and reconciliation education, resources, and support.

Our Mission

Building kind and peaceful families, communities, and organizations by helping people let go of their blame, resentments, grudges, and vengeance.

Our Goals

Promote the power and effectiveness of forgiving through tried and proven methods and processes that enable people and groups to propagate forgiveness and reconciliation.

The Forgiveness Foundation- International:

1) Researches, develops and teaches effective methods to enable much improved communication through forgiveness and reconciliation.
2) Strives to provide excellent resources to help individuals and groups to move past and to get over social and emotional barriers that prevent forgiveness and reconciliation.
3) Sponsors and helps individuals, churches, community groups and organizations to train people on how to forgive effectively and to spread the word on the power of forgiveness.


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