Power Forgiveness

From Dr. Dincalci’s book, How to Forgive When You Can’t: The Breakthrough Guide to Power Forgiveness for Healing Upsets:

In discussing his book, By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept: A Novel Of Forgiveness, the famed author, Paulo Coelho, related a forgiveness process he went through.

One morning, going from Death Valley in California to Tucson in Arizona, I made a mental list of everyone I thought I hated because they had hurt me. I went along pardoning them one by one; six hours later in Tucson, my soul felt so light and my life had changed much for the better.

This was also my own experience. What brought me a personal transformation was to deal with every upset I had with others and myself.

The true heart and force of Power Forgiveness is letting go of your own regret, guilt, and self-blame. Self-forgiveness and self-compassion hold the key to releasing any kind of upset permanently. Self-forgiveness is essential because guilt and shame keep us trapped in negative thought patterns and feelings, which keep us convinced that we don’t deserve better.

The Power Forgiveness Process is the most complete system available to help people let go of residual anger, resentment and fear from past hurtful experiences. This book with its viewpoints, case studies, and exercises will carry you through to forgiving even the most terrible things. Though the book and The Power Forgiveness Process can be used for a single difficult situation, it can also transform your life by helping you letting go of all your known resentments, grudges, hates and upsets in a relatively short time. The systematic process found in this guide will lead you to full forgiveness.

This is why it is Power Forgiveness. This ultimate forgiveness workout can renew your life. I’ve seen miracles occur for people in every class I’ve taught and with clients in all age groups from young children to senior citizens and from all professional levels.

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