Forgiveness and the Freedom of Letting Go

Check out this cool video that inspires one to embrace forgiveness as presented by Humanity Healing Projects.  If we can teach forgiveness and embrace its power, then we can truly heal the world!


Can Forgiveness Make You More Important?

Is it possible that forgiveness can make you more important?  Teresa Norton makes a strong argument that this could be the case in her recent blog entry!  In this blog, Norton describes how forgiveness can be used to transform an encounter with a rude customer into a resolved situation that leaves the person being attacked content and even proud of their achievement in dealing with the rude customer.   The role-play that she conducts provides important information for how we perceive ourselves in the context of other people and highlights how important forgiveness is when dealing with even minor annoyances.  In addition, status and our perception of our place among those around us, can have a profound impact on our behavior and willingness to forgive.  If we perceive ourselves to be of a lower status than those around us, we can use self-forgiveness to ameliorate the negativity that drives that assumption, freeing ourselves to be our highest and best self.


Workshop July 23, 2011: Living with Peace & Joy: Cleaning Your Heart & Mind

 Do you feel guilty, devastated or hurting?
 Is your turbulent mind overwhelming you?
 Do you need peace in your heart?
Perhaps it’s time to open yourself to
The Light of Forgiveness
In this workshop you will learn how to:
 Free yourself of anger, hurts and resentment.
 Deal with the ideas that prevent forgiving.
 Control the turmoil of your mind.
 Be happier every day!
Forgiveness is the most powerful tool in the world
to regain love, peace, and joy in your life.

Time: 10 – 4 Saturday, July 30th **On Friday July 29th at 730-830pm
there will be a free talk on How To Forgive Betrayal.)
Donation: $25 -sliding scale available
Location: Durham- HealthTouch @ 3500 Westgate Drive, Suite 504
in the Westgate Plaza Office Park
Call: 919-929-0788 for information and more directions
Facilitator: Dr. Jim Dincalci, author of the triple award winning book,
How to Forgive When You Can’t: The Breakthrough Guide
In 1993, Jim had a personal forgiveness transformation. Since then, as an experienced child & family therapist, he has taught forgiveness workshop in hospitals, conferences , churches, universities, public seminars and in his private spiritual counseling practice.
Sponsored by The Forgiveness Foundation