Forgiveness and the Freedom of Letting Go

Check out this cool video that inspires one to embrace forgiveness as presented by Humanity Healing Projects.  If we can teach forgiveness and embrace its power, then we can truly heal the world!


Can Forgiveness Make You More Important?

Is it possible that forgiveness can make you more important?  Teresa Norton makes a strong argument that this could be the case in her recent blog entry!  In this blog, Norton describes how forgiveness can be used to transform an encounter with a rude customer into a resolved situation that leaves the person being attacked content and even proud of their achievement in dealing with the rude customer.   The role-play that she conducts provides important information for how we perceive ourselves in the context of other people and highlights how important forgiveness is when dealing with even minor annoyances.  In addition, status and our perception of our place among those around us, can have a profound impact on our behavior and willingness to forgive.  If we perceive ourselves to be of a lower status than those around us, we can use self-forgiveness to ameliorate the negativity that drives that assumption, freeing ourselves to be our highest and best self.


The Wild Goose Festival

Wow, what a great time we had at the Wild Good Festival in North Carolina just south of Chapel Hill, this past week. The Wild Goose is the Celtic symbol for The Holy Spirit. The Forgiveness Foundation had an exhibit there. There were passionate presenters, many exhibits that addressed important social issues,  plus uplifting art and music. I was happy to know that there were followers of Jesus of all ages who where socially and environmentally concerned about what is happening in the US and around the world.

The Forgiveness Foundation’s work was, of course, warmly received. It was a joyful and enlightening experience for those of us who where there from the foundation, and, I think for everyone there. This was the first gathering like it in the US for Progressive Christians. The Greenbelt Festival in the UK has been rolling along now for 30 years doing this, last year it had 21,000 in attendance of all ages.

I believe that next year instead of 1500 people, there will be many many more showing their concern for social justice, environmental issues and faith. It was a fantastic gathering to help us gain strength in our individual causes by finding help for and from others, especially the all important aspects of positive regard and encouragement.