Latest discoveries

Modern research in medicine, sociology, and psychology, plus, the history of spiritual traditions has shown quite clearly that forgiving transforms people, not only spiritually but also, emotionally and, even, physically. Fascinating research has emerged in the past ten years that documents the healing power of forgiveness. In careful scientific studies, forgiveness training has been shown to:

  • reduce depression
  • increase hopefulness
  • decrease anger
  • improve spiritual connection
  • increase emotional self-confidence
  • help heal relationships

“Learning to forgive is good for both your mental and physical well-being and your relationships.”Dr. Fredric Luskin, in his best selling book, Forgive for Good

A Miracle or a Curse?

If this were a new medicine, it would be claimed as miraculous. It is! But it isn’t as easy as a pill because it goes against the primitive reactions of the brain/mind and the very grain of our culture. Forgiveness has been maligned, misdefined, misunderstood, mislabeled and misapplied for centuries. Thus, its power to bring peace and joy back into people’s lives has been terribly neglected. And so, we have atrocities occurring everyday around the world in the name of resentment and hate. This need not be.

The Best-kept Secret

Dr. Carl Thoresen, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Stanford University and original lead researcher for the Stanford Forgiveness Project said: “It’s one of the best-kept secrets”. He also states, “We have come across very few people who understand what forgiveness is and how it works.” – San Jose Mercury News 1999.

This is changing. With the insight into the mind that we have gained in the past 25 years, we can now get past the parts of the brain which prevent forgiveness. Researchers, doctors, psychologists, therapists, and educators all over the world have documented the power of forgiving and how to do it effectively. Numerous methods are now available to assist people to forgive.

The Timing of Forgiveness

No one can force another to forgive. People have their own timing in forgiving. In addition, there are phases of forgiveness. We have the tools and convincing arguments for a person to forgive, when he or she is ready to regain joy, love and peace in his or her life. Peace will occur by people changing their life through forgiving others, having their own offenses forgiven, and by passing on, in word and in deed, what they have learned.

The Forgiveness Foundation exists to forward this process.

Our Calling

Our vision is to increase peace and kindness in the world by helping people forgive; then, assisting them help to friends, neighbors and members of their community and workplace to learn to forgive by providing workshops, seminars, books, inspiration, promotion material, and courses on “How to Forgive”.

The Obstacles to Peace

It is vital that we use the powerful tool of forgiveness today to assist defusing resentments, hate, and the desire for vengeance – the obstacles to peace. These obstacles can be undone right now in our own lives, communities, and workplaces. We have the tools to help relieve the pain of unforgiveness, betrayal, guilt and resentment.

Your Part

With your help, The Forgiveness Foundation can be instrumental in disseminating this information around the world, not only as a vehicle for hope, but also for one of change. Our hope is that all people, will finally join together in an effort to increase peace, and kindness throughout the world.

Together we can help people to let go of their hate, resentments, or grudges, as well as their desires for vengeance. Please join us and support this work.

Your Input

Commit to forgiving and support others to let go of resentments, hatreds and cries for vengeance. Forgiveness can make the difference between war and peace in our own life and in the world. Please stand with us to change harmful attitudes in the world.

Learn effective ways of forgiving. Set up events to share it with others. If you know of someone whom you think may be interested in this project, please forward the link to this page to them. In addition, at this time please consider making a financial contribution to this work.