Forgiveness Foundation International: Peace of mind through forgiving

This is the original home of The Forgiveness Foundation. We are not part of any one religion or religious ministry or organization, because forgiveness is important in all religions. (Since 2002, we have had a nonprofit IRS 501c3 status in the USA.)

Dr. Jim Dincalci speaks on The Basics of Forgiveness and his book How to Forgive When You Can’t.

When we don’t deal with our blame, resentments and grudges, they fester, leading to poor relationships and depression or angry confrontations at best—vengeance and violence, at worst. Everyone involved is affected badly, sometimes for years. This does not need to happen.

When we let go of these upsets, we see kinder, more peaceful families, friendlier communities, and more creative, productive businesses and organization.
With increasing terrorism around the world and growing violence in our cities and schools, it is vital that we use the powerful tool of forgiving to defuse bitterness, hostility, and desire for retaliation. This most valuable and helpful action relieves the pain of upsetting situations, betrayal, guilt and grudges. But sadly, forgiveness is barely being used in conflict negotiations, psychology, mediation, or even, marriage & family therapy.

The main reason for this unfortunate situation is untruths about what forgiveness is and does. Please click here to learn about what forgiveness really is and to find out about the fallacies that keep forgiveness from being used.

“Forgiving is the most powerful act you can do, and help others to do, to increase hope and caring in the world.” – Dr. Jim Dincalci, founder; author of How To Forgive When You Can’t.

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